Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Surface Take To Cure?

Relative to concrete, rubber paving has much faster installation and cure times. Most residential projects can be completed in a single day and will be ready to be walked on in 24 hours from time of completion and ready for vehicles 72 hours after completion.

How Is It In Winter?

Rubber paving maintains a slightly porous textured surface which affords two advantages.  Firstly, water does not pool easily on the surface, reducing the thin layer of ice that is the cause of many falls and injuries.  Secondly, for heavier snow/ice layers the textured surface makes it easier to scrape as compared with concrete where the bottom layer of ice sticks incredibly strong. If needed it is safe to use salt or any other de-icer. We recommend using plastic shoves to clear any snow that may gather in order to protect the surface.

Can It Be Repaired If Damaged?

Any accidental rips, tears, damage or difficult and unsightly stains can be repaired by cutting out the damaged area and reapplying new rubber. We can also provide a maintenance coating that helps re-bond the whole surface.

Cleaning & 


We recommend a garden hose or a light pressure wash but do not use a fine point nozzle spray pattern. For stubborn stains, you can use mild cleaners like washing up liquid and mild scrubbing pads.

To maintain the condition of the surface we recommend a fresh coating of urethane every 5 years to protect the surface of the rubber from drying out.